Tina Zee writes ‘druid magic’ in her latest novel

‘Fires of Brigantia’ is an historical novel from the Cartimandua Trilogy, set in the iron-age where, in a changing world, people are fighting to hold onto their Yorkshire roots. The Romans have begun to invade Albion [Britain] and are looking to Yorkshire [Brigantia] and the strong Queen of Brigantia to join them.

As the Queen aligns with the Roman enemy, a fearless warrior tribe from Whitby area, known as the ‘Horse Spirits’, rise in rebellion. Two worlds collide when the daughter of the queen falls in love with a rebel warlord from this tribe. The druids see that this match is ill-fated, but pivotal to the future of Brigantia. As the fires of civil war rage over the land, true passion and druid magic are needed to ensure the continuation of Brigantia.

In this ancient Celtic world, will the lovers ever come together amid the chaos and deceit they find themselves wrapped up in? For the sake of Brigantia, they must!

Fires of Brigantia is based on the real history of Yorkshire. Queen Cartimandua  reigned at the time of the Roman invasion 43AD. Her strong and determined spirit shaped many beliefs and traditions which still lie at the heart of the people of Albion [Britain], and in the soul of every Yorkshire person today.

‘Fires of Brigantia’ can be purchased online  from Amazon, or Baytown Stores, Robin Hoods Bay and various selected bookshops.