The Whitby Walled Garden announce working in partnership with the Whitby Naturalists Club

The Whitby Walled Garden is delighted to announce that they are working in partnership with the Whitby Naturalists Club following a successful application to their Conservation Fund. 

The support is taking many forms: field trips and surveys, practical and financial input and provision of equipment and plants. 

Whitby Naturalists have purchased a number of young trees for the gardeners to plant in the produce garden and develop a new Winter Larder Hedge, providing both flowers and fruit for wildlife in the colder months. 

There are great plans for the rest of the year including surveys of birds, small mammals and moths and more young British native trees to add biodiversity to the established hedgerows. 

Volunteers have benefited from practical advice on introducing more variety to the existing wildflower population and are delighted to find that yellow rattle, eye bright and common mouse ear have all germinated in the orchard this year. 

All of this will help to establish a better level of bio-diversity within the garden and that can only enhance the relationship between it and the volunteers and service users who spend time there. 

Also supplied is a trail camera for use within the garden that has already taken some excellent footage, both photographs and video. One of the first creatures captured on film was a roe deer munching on the ground elder immediately in front of the camera.

To have the opportunity to work closely with the expertise of the Whitby Naturalists Club’s members is a significant bonus to the project and the volunteers greatly appreciate their involvement.

If you are interested in volunteering at the Walled Garden Whitby, a well-being project run by Whitby Area Development Trust, please contact the gardeners