The Railway Community Shop and Cafe are on the right track!

When the Whitby Railway Community Shop was threatened with closure after the family who owned the property decided to close it, Joe, Jan, Trish and Sue decided to take it on in October 2022. 

However, as it became a bit more difficult and time consuming to run, they called a meeting with the volunteers who work in the shop.  None of us wanted the shop to close and Helen offered to take on the role of Manager.  Her offer was much appreciated and gratefully accepted so the shop continues to trade with a loyal team of volunteers.

The Shop

We have a good choice of products and hold a full alcohol licence. We also have a suggestions book and encourage customers to tell us what they would like us to stock.  We are developing a ‘WHITBY WONDER WALL!’ selling locally sourced products and advertising local services.  This is ‘work in progress’!  We are hoping this will encourage local residents to go to the internet less and use local products and services.  We hope visitors to properties on the Railway will also use the shop.  We will be distributing leaflets to tell residents and visitors about us.

We have a Community Fridge which acts as a food bank for local people.  Whitby Co-op is our partner in this initiative.

Community Space

The shop has plenty of space to accommodate four small tables with chairs, including a very comfortable leather armchair – easy to nod off in! We offer hot drinks and cake. Anne, one of the volunteers, is a whizz at baking and brings in her delicious products which are very popular.

Residents and carers from Whitby Court are regular visitors who enjoy the walk down to the shop and change of scenery! 

The cafe area is also registered as a Warm Space and we are applying for grants to make further improvements. As part of this initiative, tea and coffee and cake are offered free with the option to donate for those who can afford to.Helen is a very enthusiastic arranger of events and there are plenty of games to enjoy.  We have a regular visit from a local gentleman to play GO with a local young man!  Event details are displayed on a board at the entrance and Helen constantly updates the shop’s Facebook page.

We do hope residents of The Railway and elsewhere in Whitby will come and shop with us and/or participate in the games or events.  We are close to Airy Hill and Caedmon Schools and welcome parents and children.  We have an excellent range of sweeties! 

Article supplied courtesy of Sandra Smith