The Folklore of British Insects book published by local author Chris Firth.

The Folklore of British Insects is the latest offering by Chris Firth and is an informative and entertaining book containing many astonishing facts, myths and legends of Great Britain’s creepy-crawlies including medicinal and culinary uses of our favourite insects. The book is beautifully illustrated by Rebecca Hobbs and is a fun and fascinating read, one which the whole family can enjoy.

The book is packed with folklore, something you would expect from Chris, a member of the British Folklore Society, and author of The Fairies and Mermaids of North Yorkshire. It took Chris and Rebecca two years to research, compile and bring to press The Folklore of British Insects, which is teeming with many fascinating, thought-provoking and often humorous stories behind the best-known (but perhaps not always the best loved!) insects and bugs – those you see every day but maybe don’t pay much attention too.

Did you know that ladybirds saved England from a potentially devastating famine, and that they can also be a cure for toothache? And the much hated-cockroach – it can hold its breath under water for 40 minutes, and can happily live and function without a head for up to a week? And if you are feeling peckish, earwigs are said to be quite tasty – a cross between chicken and shrimps? Or you could feast on termites and cockroaches? Hmm.. I think I will take your word for this, Chris!

Priced at £12.99, the book is a perfect gift for entomologists and nature lovers, so if you are about to do your Christmas shopping, here is a great Christmas stocking filler idea! Or why not simply treat yourself to a copy, pop on your apron, light the stove and rustle up some culinary treats with grasshoppers, crickets, cockroaches…

The Folklore of British Insects is available from all good bookshops including the Whitby bookshop, Lythe Community Shop and The Book Corner at Saltburn.

The book contains some wonderful illustrations by Rebecca Hobbs and was designed by East Yorkshire based graphic designer Graham Ambler of Graphic Retouch.