Plans to support youth projects and youth inclusion

Gary Martin – About me

Hi! And thanks for taking time to read about me, except I am only a small part of my plans to support youth projects and youth inclusion in our wonderful part of the world. Briefly I spent 32 years working in Social and Probation work, the majority of my work being with children and young people who needed protection and guidance. Many children exist without not enough support and there are often so many reasons why. I have always felt passionate about young people, having opportunities to engage in positive pursuits and to gain confidence to live their lives in the fullest ways possible.

My work has taught me that involvement in sport is one of those areas that can have some of the most positive outcomes, look at our own Beth Mead as one leading example.Sport is a thing which transcends so many barriers such as , poverty and economic marginalisation, social class barriers and health and disability to give a few examples. If you want one more I urge you to give a thought to mental well being of young people. They live under considerable pressures and often struggle to find a platform or voice. 

What I want to do

I want to raise money and give it to youth projects in the voluntary and self help sectors. So many dedicated people are out there now, trying to make a difference. Youth Workers, Children Services (which includes working with children who are in trouble with the law) and lots of voluntary groups trying to make a difference.

Our first fundraising event is at the Coliseum Centre in Whitby, it takes place on 14th of April 2023. We are having an evening with my fundraising band for the benefit of Sleights Under 8’s Football Team. Tickets and informational available from the box office on 01947 825000. I truly hope this is the first of many youth projects that we can help with.

Why it matters

It’s a relevant question I guess. There are many many scholarly articles and research studies which deal with the negative impacts of exclusion with young people. I could list some here but it would take an age! For those interested and able google articles on youth exclusion. Often best to type in google scholar first, this takes the reader to specific articles to search and read. 

You will find information which supports youth inclusion and describes some of the worrying statistics that impact young people.  These range from things like physical and mental well being, employment and training opportunities, substance misuse and impaired emotional development. If you just want a short and concise answer to the question of why it matters here is my view, young people with purpose and balance in their lives are more likely to succeed and that factor is a pathway to a healthier and happier community, for everyone.