Pathfinders youth group provide a guiding light

The world we live in today can be overwhelming for our children, with the pressures of social media, peer influence, and the challenges faced by us parents who strive to balance work and family responsibilities. Recognising this need, Pathfinders Whitby was established as a safe haven for the youth of Whitby, offering a supportive environment where they can connect, create, grow, and become the best version of themselves.

At Pathfinders, we focus on uplifting and enriching our youth, instilling in them values that will guide them through life’s challenges. With a foundation rooted in Christian principles of love, support, and sound guidance, we strive to remind our youth of the qualities they may easily forget in this high-pressure, fast-paced world.

Our primary goal is to provide a fun place for children in the community to come once a week, allowing them to relax and embrace their greatness. Through team-building activities, games, and engaging programs, we aim to leave a positive impact on both the children and our community. Our core values of integrity, compassion, politeness, honesty, and loyalty form the foundation for nurturing a powerful next generation that will shape a better world.

In addition to our regular indoor activities, we also organise outdoor excursions, with the consent of parents, to provide a holistic experience for the youth. Recently, we organised a delightful barbecue on our picturesque beach, allowing the children to bond with their peers and experience the joy of outdoor gatherings. Looking ahead, we have exciting plans to explore the breathtaking coastline leading to Robin Hood’s Bay and cycling sessions along the scenic Cinder track. These outdoor adventures promote a healthy lifestyle and deeper connection with nature.

Keep an eye out for our inspirational rocks randomly placed in town. Feel free to replace them elsewhere and join us in making more. Let’s spread inspirational and motivational messages, putting smiles on people’s faces and hope in tomorrow.


Ages 12 and up, join us every Tuesday night from 6-8 pm at the recently renovated Eastside Community Centre. With its beautiful facilities and welcoming atmosphere, it serves as the perfect backdrop for our activities and gatherings.

Join Pathfinders Whitby UK today and help us create a brighter future for our youth and community. Together, we can nurture youth excellence, embrace nature, and build a better world.