Northern Gas Networks announces partnership with The Carents Room to support families through challenging times.

The Carents Room, a leading online resource platform for midlife adults and their families looking to support their ageing loved ones, has been established to support and safeguard carers and customers in vulnerable situations.

This new strategic partnership – which also includes fellow UK gas distributor Cadent and and electricity distributor UK Poweer Noetworks – brings together the expertise of The Carents Room and the energy industry to make a positive impact on the lives of carers across the
country, providing instant access to support, energy advice and health information for the 3 million adult carers across the United Kingdom.

With resources becoming increasingly scarce, the collaboration of these organisations will provide the support needed to ensure that every customer is supplied with energy, especially during the colder months.

Dr Jackie Gray, the founder of The Carents Room, commented, “I am delighted to be working with NGN, Cadent and UKPN. Carenting is not just about health and social care. It’s also about staying safe and enjoying life. Older adults are often more susceptible to sudden changes in their routine and environment, and some need more help with everyday tasks such as cooking, heating, maintenance and bills.”

The recent cost of living crisis has affected a significant portion of the U.K. population, with older individuals facing particularly challenging circumstances. According to a survey conducted by Age UK, 9.4 million individuals aged 65 and over have expressed concerns about financial management.

To tackle the frequently neglected issue of wellness in ageing adults, The Carents Room is striving to raise awareness about the expert guidance available from its partner organisations on a range of products and services, including energy-saving tips, safety measures and advice on how to join the Priority Services Register for customers who have extra communication, access or safety needs.

Eileen Brown, Customer Services Director at NGN said: “We’re committed as a business to leveraging any and all partnerships that help us meet our commitment to support customers, particularly those most in need.

“By partnering with The Carents Room we want to do all we can to ‘help the helpers’ who give their time and energy to look after others. We’re looking forward to a long and productive partnership.”

For more information about The Carents Room and its partnership with NGN please visit