Making a difference – the Whitby Street Angels

“Whitby Street Angels to CCTV. We’re out this evening. Can we have a radio check, please?” “CCTV to Whitby Street Angels – Thank you. Good to have you out with us again!”

This is how Whitby Street Angels start their patrols. They go out on Saturday nights from 10 pm until 2 am, rain or moonshine. After checking in with CCTV, which links them by radio to the door staff, bar staff and the police, they walk a pre-planned route round Whitby.  They can be called on for help whenever needed and are part of the network of expertise and support the night-time community in Whitby. 

The Whitby team is easily recognisable in their dark blue jackets. Many people stop for an appreciative chat: “I think you are amazing doing this!”, or a simple request: “Can I have a lolly?”, “Got any flip-flops?”  “Water?”. Some just need information about where to get food after midnight.  But others have more serious problems: “I don’t know how to get back to my accommodation.” “My boyfriend has left me alone. I haven’t got the key.” “The taxi won’t take him in that state!”. Street Angels help them find a solution for their immediate problem. Sometimes all they can offer is water, a blanket and a suggestion of where to shelter out of the wind for the night. Sometimes just simply being there during the wait for an ambulance means everything: “Thank you for staying with us. I couldn’t have coped on my own.” 

It is this supportive presence that is so important.

But Street Angels offer practical help as well; basic first aid, blankets, sick bags, water for rehydration, a phone charger, flip-flops (to replace no longer wanted high heels!) and of course lollipops – popular, but with a positive effect as sugar slows down the absorption of alcohol.

Whitby Street Angels are a dedicated team and would love to be out on the streets of Whitby every Saturday night. However, they are now so few in number that they only manage to be out once a fortnight. They need more volunteers. Could you see yourself as part of the team?

It is a rewarding and satisfying role for anyone who enjoys being with people. The volunteers come from a very wide variety of backgrounds and being a volunteer is a tremendous opportunity for younger people looking for experience to support an application for their dream career. Street Angels are Christian based, but anyone can join. They try to reflect Christ’s caring acceptance of everyone in whatever circumstances.

Anyone interested in becoming a Street Angel should simply take the first step and call 07545 891350 to find out more.   Why not come and join them!

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