Linchpin project launches in Whitby

In recognition of the strenuous demands and overwhelming pressures faced by individuals within the health and social care and voluntary sectors, Scarborough, Whitby & Ryedale Mind, in partnership with Humber and North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership Resilience Hub, proudly announces the launch of the Linchpin project. This comprehensive initiative has been meticulously crafted to offer crucial support to those tirelessly dedicated to serving their communities within these vital sectors.

The Linchpin project emerges as a beacon of support, catering specifically to the well-being and mental health needs of professionals within the health and social care and voluntary sectors. This innovative project offers a diverse array of support mechanisms, encompassing one-on-one peer support, art therapy, counselling, and a variety of activities that center around the 5 ways to well-being. These activities include physical and creative engagements, community involvement, and opportunities for meaningful connections with others.

“We understand the unparalleled demands placed on individuals working within the health & social care and voluntary sector, and the Linchpin project is our proactive response to provide the crucial support they deserve,” stated Hayley Doubtfire, Linchpin Coordinator at Scarborough, Whitby & Ryedale Mind. “Our goal is to provide a supportive framework that nurtures and uplifts those at the forefront of caring for others”.

The project’s holistic approach emphasizes the necessity of self-care among those dedicated to caring for others. By prioritizing well-being and mental health, the Linchpin project aims to empower these individuals to thrive both personally and professionally.

The Linchpin project warmly welcomes self-referrals from individuals working within the health and social care or voluntary sectors. Those interested in accessing this vital support can make referrals by completing the referral form on the Scarborough, Whitby & Ryedale Mind website (

Scarborough, Whitby & Ryedale Mind is enthusiastic about the positive impact the Linchpin project will have on supporting the mental health and overall well-being of those who tirelessly devote their lives to helping others.

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